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My wife and I are back from my vacation in Seoul, Korea. We arrived in Singapore early this morning and the both of us still cannot take our minds off Seoul. There were so many places to roam and things to do, we had no choice but to leave some of them for the next time. One of the places was Dongdaemun market. 😦

Seriously, we wanted to visit Dongdaemun market to shop, but we couldn’t find our way there and we thought it was the Dongdaemun Shopping Town building instead. That’s the bad side of going free and easy in Seoul, without a proper map and a tour guide who speaks Korean. But, we will definitely be back in Seoul one day, when we have the time and money.

This has got to be one of the best honeymoons I have been with my wife. We travelled to a lot of places and we love the food, and of course, the customer service in general! The Koreans were very courteous, despite their poor English.

It’s a hard time for me to be back home again, because I have to face the reality of work, and stress… and responsibilities. I often have HAD, that’s my terminology of Home-Arrival Depression for short. It’s a symptom, which one develops post-vacation depression once home. In other word, when a trip gets too fantastic, it affects the mood of a person (like yours truly) when he or she returns home.

Yet, home is good place to be in. I still have to face the fact that no matter what, I’d need to go home. My bed now feels better than before, my room feels bigger than the guesthouse’s, and I have more privacy than before. That’s the magic of traveling! It makes us appreciate home better, and the things we already have.

Nevertheless, I am currently very exhausted from the trip, but happy that it went well and that the journey was smooth and safe. I will be uploading my pictures from Korea very soon. And once they’re ready, I will share some of them on this blog and talk about my forth honeymoon trip!

Stay tuned.

I’ll still be blogging.