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Year-end Resolutions

I have been away for so long. That, I know.

Things have been pretty hard for me this year, both at work and in my private life. I set up this blog before I turned 30, in the hope of penning my thoughts and reflections in this place to ease the pain and struggles inside of me. I thought this approach might help me in the long run as I grow older day by day. It probably did, for a while.

I thought this year ended pretty well for me. I am about to be confirmed in my job, after a long one-year-and-a-half wait. It was hard for me for the past one year when I was told that I might be fired from my job for not being up to their standard.

But I strived on, despite the depression I had suffered deep within me (which was what kept me away from blogging for so long). I became more vigilant and diligent in keeping up the good work. Hard work is key. However, perseverance is very important, despite the lack of hope and plenty of uncertainties.

My career is steadily getting its firm hold in my life once again. This is the most essential thing for me because my career is a huge part of my life. It is also part of my identity.

Today marks the new era in my life. As the last day of the year lingers on till tonight, I have came up with a few year-end resolutions to help us all end the year well, and with an encouraging note:

#1. Forget the past that is no longer relevant now.
The past is no longer an issue because dwelling on it will cause more misery than anything else. What we can do about the past is to learn from the mistakes and move on. We can be sentimental about things, but we also need to remain focused on what lies at hand.

#2. Stay closer to people who care for you; drift further away from people who don’t.
Usually, people who care for us will tend to annoy us with advice and harsh words. For the better listeners, these people are empathic and very good to talk to. Stay with them, and keep them. These are friends that are hard to come by. But those who do not give a damn and only if it is true, I suggest doing the same.

#3. Reward yourself now that the year is finally done.
Don’t forget to reward yourself now that the year has come to an end. Think of ways to love yourself back, and try to end the year on a good note.


Wishing all of you a happy and blessed new year ahead!