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Thomas Frederick Lim is a Resilience Coach and Personality Consultant with a decade of research and counselling experience in Psychology and Mental Health. He is also known by his peers to be insightful, determined and highly motivated. His passion and forte are in Mental Wellness, Business Psychology, and Enneagram.

Moving On: See You On the Other Side!

Dear Readers,

I know it has been some time since I touched this blog of mine. Things have been rather busy for me over the past one year. I have been searching for topics to write about, sometimes, I dread the writer’s block that I encounter every single time. I have stopped writing for 7 months since.

Nonetheless, I was inspired by a local motivational speaker a month after my long hiatus from this blog.

Five months later, I decided that I should do something with my life. I have moved on and continued writing with a purpose.

As such, I have created a new blog where I can be more focused with my message. I am pass 30, and I know that I should move on.

The celebration is over, but the party isn’t. Join me at the other side of the universe, where I continue my writing quest to encourage and inspire my readers in their life, both at work and after school.

Thanks for your support thus far, I shall close this blog with this last entry.

Thank you!