The Club

A New Era of Club 30 has begun.

“Growing older is inevitable, but growing old is a choice.”

How Did Club 30 Began?

Club 30 was originally set up to narrate the life of a man turning thirty. Part of its purpose was for him to pen his thoughts and struggles as he trots on in life, exploring the new phase of challenges and adventures.

With the dawn of a new era in Club 30, this blog will be Tuomas‘ journal. A few authors will also be invited to write on this blog too.

Who is Tuomas Rieti?

My real name is Thomas Frederick Lim. I’m a correctional therapist working with high-risk offenders at the Singapore Prison Service. Tuomas is my name in Finnish and Rieti is simply Frederick in Finnish also. Finland is my dream country to visit. It has all the snow, the beautiful lakes, aurora borealis and of course, its music!

The Journey So Far…

Tough but moving strong! There had been some consideration to delete this blog because I was at the lowest point in my career during the beginning part of its journey. I was at the brink of giving up hope altogether and not write anymore, ever. Still, I kept the thought aside and wait on a little while longer, because I had other commitments to tend to. Of course, I continued to work harder and strived on (or die trying). So things changed after some time and it got better.  I’m glad it did. So this new era is going to be the new beginning for me and this blog of mine. Welcome! And hope you enjoy your stay and read here.

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