I Wish I Had…

I just signed up for a keyboard lesson last month and the class will start early next month. It’s a beginner’s class and I am excited to pick up music at an age of *ahem* thirty. Yes, I thought it’s pretty late for me to start learning music.

I wished I had learn the piano when I was younger. My mind was like a sponge back then! But unfortunately, my interests were only in video games and those tradable Magic cards (I still have some old edition Magic: The Gathering cards though, hint hint, wanna buy them from me?).

My interest in music and playing the keyboard grew soon after I started listening to Symphonic Power Metal. It’s a fusion genre that combines the heaviness of Rock/Metal and some gentle touch of symphonic elements from the Classical and Operatic genre. Ah.. the sound of synthesisers going solo and at times, playing in the background…

I wish I had the talent of one my musical heroes –


Well, away with those wishful thinking!

I need to take the first step. And then it’s practice, practice, and PRACTICE!

This has got to be something I have yet to try in my life – picking up a musical instrument. No matter how old I am, and hey, playing a musical instrument has plenty of benefits for the ageing brain too!

And oh, I wished I had started blogging a long time ago instead of procrastinating!


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