Luxuries I Can’t Live Without (Part II)

Although I am back to work after my week long trip to Korea last week, I can’t help but miss the travel experience. I wish I could travel again, real soon!

Loads of work and emails had since piled up. They are now tapping their feet and screaming at me as I walked in my room the morning I started work and as soon as I sat in my office chair. Sigh, I am starting to get busy again! 😦

…and tired.

…and worn out.

I feel drained in this job. Not an easy vocation albeit a rewarding one.

The only luxury at work is probably this:


Yup, what I can think of so far.


On good days, my coffee will be white. On not so good days, my coffee will be black.

I rarely have sugar in my coffee, because it takes away the natural bitter (bittersweet) taste. Its taste is the reminder of hard work and reward at the end of the day, and the smell of coffee reminds me of the drive that keeps my adrenaline going. This drink gives me the “umpf” and the will to work.

Anyone’s a coffee addict like me?


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