Off to Seoul for a Vacation!

It has been a month of hard work in the rehab institution. My wife and I decided about two months ago that we need a break from work. Tomorrow, we’re heading off to Seoul in South Korea!

We spent a month planning our itinerary. Even now, my wife is trying to improvise it as I speak. We can only afford to spend about four days in this wonderful city because of our tight work schedule. O the woes of working in Asia, and being Asian. So using whatever time we have in this oversea vacation, we will be travelling around the city and enjoying ourselves thoroughly!

We might be visiting some of these hot destinations in Seoul, such as: Namdaemun Market, Deoksugung, Gyeonghuigung, Dongdaemun Market, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Samcheongdong Street, Hangang River Cruise, Lotte World, and there could be more (if time allows). We’re visiting one of our churches based in Daebang too!

I’m so excited! Don’t think I can sleep tonight. :\

Got to go pack my suitcase now!

Oh! Don’t worry. The blog will still be updated, and I will be posting about my travel experience when I return home. So, stay tuned for more!


4 thoughts on “Off to Seoul for a Vacation!”

  1. Totally jealous as I dream of going back every day!! You will have a spectacular time! Take a lot of pictures and most of all drink in the wonder and beauty that is Seoul! Happy and safe travels!

  2. Dongdaemun is an absolute must! As well as Insadong. I blogged about both, if you do visit Dongdaemun check my post, you wont regret the hidden cheap shopping spots!

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