Luxuries I Can’t Live Without (Part I)

There was a time when I wanted so many things in my life, and most of the time, these are objects that are beyond what I can afford.

The sad thing about living in a consuming society is that we tend to compare who has the most things, who has a better and more trendy accessories, and who are more capable in attaining them. Too many times we forget what we truly have, and we take for granted simple luxuries in our lives.

I am less materialistic than the time when I was much younger, like in my teens or early twenties. Looking back, I realised how much I have grown, and how contented I have become over the years. The meaning of luxury now carries a different meaning to me.

When I was in my teens, luxury means to be able to have the latest and the coolest things I’d like to own (hopefully sponsored by my parents). When I reached my early twenties, luxury means to be able to own a trendy yet the coolest things I’d like to buy (for everybody to look at). When I reached thirty, I mean right now, things don’t have to be cool or trendy. I just want it to serve a purpose.

To be honest, the first luxury I can’t live without is my mobile phone. Yes! I’m sure many of you feel the same way as I do, because the mobile phone has already become part of our daily means of communication. It has become so common and such a norm that I took it for granted.

I am a correctional therapist, and working in a correctional setting means I had to put aside all forms of communication and other metal devices or flash drives in a locker before gaining access to my office. Literally, it means I have to be literally cut-off from the outside world for about eight hours, except after work or lunch time. Adjusting to this new work environment for the pass one year has made me value my mobile phone more. It may be slow and not very responsive at times, but my phone has served me well so far. Without it, I can never be entertained at long queues, and take wonderful pictures like the one you see below.


I love my mobile phone! And I can never imagine my life without it. I’ll probably feel bored and angsty without my mobile phone next to me. This is one simple luxurious item I cannot part with.

Stay tuned for more at Part II.


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